Thursday, 26 January 2017

Banking Questions Test (MCQ)- 13

                                     Banking Questions Test- 13

Q1. Any RTGS remittance by way cash shall be accepted from the customer up to Rs…..
a.    2 crore
b.    2 lakh
c.    10 lakh
d.    50000
Q2. The standard messaging system used by the RTGS is called
a.    SMS
b.    FSMS
c.    SFMS
d.    MFSS

Q3.Under the Nepal remittance Scheme remittance up to Rs 50000 can be made maximum …… times a year.
a.    12
b.    15
c.    20
d.    24

Q4.The electronic clearing system which a company or mutual fund can make payment of dividend to a large number of shareholders/unitholders is called
a.    Truncation
b.    Debit clearing
c.    Credit clearing
d.    MICR credit

Q5. Name of organization which set up “National Financial Switch” to facilitate connectivity among ATM of banks is
a.    SIFY
b.    IDRBT
c.    IBRD
d.    NIC

Q6 In cheque truncation system clearing the physical cheque is kept with the
a.    Presenting Banker
b.    Drawee banker
c.    Beneficiary
d.    repository

Q7. In cheque truncation system clearing the image that will be sent to the paying bank for each cheque is…………
a.    3
b.    2
c.    1
d.    4

Q8. Service tax is an indirect tax administered by…
a.    CBEC
b.    CBDT
c.    a & b
d.    None of above

Q9. Hindi language is used by banks as per the requirement of the
a.    Official Language act
b.    Constitution
c.    Banking regulation act
d.    Yearly

Q10. Hindi day is celebrated on………… every year
a.    14th September
b.    14th November
c.    17th September
d.    17th November


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