Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Questions asked in railway NTPC exam

Questions asked  in railway NTPC exam

1. Climate change summit 2015 was held at?
2. Gandhar art developed in which era?
3. 12th ice sketing championship?
4. Number of judges in SC according to act 2009(11)
5. Messenger left from which solar station?
6. Ajantha caves situated?
7. 8th BRICS summit has held at?
8. Carbon negative country declared?
9. How many States and union territories have coast?
0. Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog
1. Bombela devi is associated with which Game
2. Winner of 2015 pro wrestling league?
3. Mast telescope installed at - Udaipur
4. Messenger spacecraft launched in 2004 to which planet- Mercury.
5. Semi luxury tourist train in Rajasthan that covers three major cities- Desert Circuit.
6. Nanda devi in - Uttarakhand
7. Anniversary of United nation in 2015-- 70 th.
8. Ajanta cave rockcut paintings depicts- Buddhism
9. No of judges in SC- ( 30+1) not 11 as mentioned in ur present link.
0. Full form of GUI. Graphical User Interface
1. Railways mascot? Bholu, the guard elephant
2. Environment protection act was forced in which year?
3. Gandhara art belongs to which regime?
4. Radio communication in which layer of atmosphere?
5. Who discovered electron?
6. Question related to Buddha
7. Question pertaining to Mughal Period.
8. Laskhadweep is a group of how many islands?
9. Who was awarded the title of Mr. India for 2016?
0. Who painted the painting Bharat Mata?
1. Surface tension, cohesive force related.
2. When did Simon Commission first come to India?
3. What is the name of the highest peak of South India?
4. Nanda Devi peak is situated where?

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