Thursday, 6 April 2017


       E-KYC is a screen-based interface that accepts Aadhaar number and fingerprint and sends it to NPCI through bank's network. If the fingerprint is matched at UIDAI, the KYC data as defined in their interface
        specifications will be returned. E-KYC application will display the KYC data on screen and on acceptance; it will be saved into the database.

i.     The solution also exports an interface that can be invoked by any client application to use e-KYC services. The client application will invoke the interface and submit the Aadhaar number and the encrypted fingerprint as specified in NPCI specifications. The application will use e-KYC interface of NPCI to get the e-KYC data. The interface will return KYC data or error code based on the return value from NPCI.

ii.    The application will store the KYC data in the DB identified by Aadhaar number.

iii.  A separate process is available to extract the KYC data from the DB in the form of a flat file that can be used by the banking application. 

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