Monday, 17 April 2017

Questions asked in UBI promotion exam clerical to officer

1. What is debt swap?
2. Up to what extant CGTMSE provide guarantee cover for the credit facility to eligible borrower?

3. How much interest subvention will be received by all farmers up to Rs. 3 lac loan for short term crops?
4. If cheque date is 30.11.2016,What will be the expiry date of cheque?
5. If a cheque is dishonour under section 138 of NI act 1881, How many year is imprisonment?
6. Section 58(g) in The Transfer of Property Act, 1882- Anomalous mortgage
7. Differed Payment Guarantee is also known as?
8. What is transfer of record movement?
9. Damodrana Committee is related to?
10. Pari passu charges?
11. What is the maximum amount of loans to give individual women beneficiaries under priority sector lending?
12. A proposal becomes a promise when it is accepted
13. What is adhesive stamps?
14. What is standby letter of credit (SLOC)?
15. Hypothecation
16. Section 14 and 17 of NI act 1881
17. How much collateral take from MSMEs?-Loans upto Rs. 5 lakhs are made available by the banks without insisting on collaterals.
18.Artisans, village and cottage industries where individual credit limits do not exceed ₹ 1 lakh
19. Indent or letter of credit for packing credit
20. Bank locker rent?
21. Section-66 of NI Act
22. Term loan repayment installment
23. Max member in a private company
24. Material alteration in cheque is define under which section of NI act
25. Banker customer relationship
26. Section 92 , Transfer of Property Act
27. Contract of Agency
28. Contract of indemnity
29. DRT minimum limit
30. Sub-standard assets

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