Monday, 26 June 2017

Abbreviations for bank exam

VAR- Vector Autoregressive
BVAR- Bayesian vector autoregressive
ADs- Authorised Dealers
FERA- Foreign Exchange Regulations Act
LERMS- Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System

FEMA- Foreign Exchange Management Act
CCIL- Clearing Corporation of India Limited
MSS- Market Stabilisation Scheme
KYC- Know-Your-Customer
ECB- External Commercial Borrowings
FEDAI- Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association of India
CCIL- Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.
MCX-SX- Multi Commodity Exchange – Stock Exchange
RMDS- Reuters Market Data System
OTC- Over The Counter
BIS- Bank for International Settlements
IOC- Indian Oil Corporation
NDF- Non Deliverable Forward
EMEs- Emerging Market Economies
FIIs- Foreign Institutional Investors’
FDI- Foreign Direct Investment
LAF- Liquidity Adjustment Facility
OMO- Open Market Operations
MSS- Market Stabilisation Scheme
FCA- Foreign Currency Assets
PPP- Purchasing Power Parity
PBM- Portfolio Balance Model
VECM- Vector Error Correction Model
MSIH- Markov Switching Intercept Heteroscedastic

RMSE- Root Mean Square Error


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