Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Questions asked in Allahabad Bank promotion exam

Allahabad Bank promotion exam questions asked scale 1 to scale 2-
Q 1 IN PCA what is the mean of P                       
Q2 NPCI AND BHEL STANDS FOR                       
Q 3 SBI cap after merger 
Q4 easy pay which bank has launched
Q5 Priority sector lending in housing loan in metropolitan
Allahabad Bank promotion exam questions asked scale 2 to scale 3-
1.       Low risk kyc,
2.       Dormant account.
3.       ECGC.                       
4.       ALCO committee meeting.
5.       STR Txn report,
6.       Bank rate,
7.       MSF, 
8.       Repo rate
9.       CGTMSE
10.   RTI, 
11.   Group borrower exposure, 
12.   MSME Service sector, 
13.   CP days and amount 
14.   CD days and amount.                       
15.   DF and loss assets security value
16.   Kyc on change of branch.
17.   Problem on t/0  method (2)
18.   Problem on depreciation cal by wdv and st line
19.   D/E ratio sum
20.   Surfeacy application minimum condition
21.   Current affairs upto feb 2017 frm dec 2016 (5 or 6 questions)
22.   KYC related for minor
23.   PSC calculation from abc (easy)
24.   SME % of psc
25.   Customer complain on non availability of security item (draft) redressal time
26.   MSME loan proposal time frame at branch level
27.   What Will be the maximum percentage of SLR that can be included in tier as per Basel III norms in tier I Capital. -Options- 10,20,15,30                     
28.   What is the budget for highway in 2016 17                       
29.   Who was the chief guest during 26 Jan 2017                       
30.   Who is the chairman of cyber security cell constitued by govt of india
32.   Head quarter of J P Morgan bank                       
33.   Pongal festival in which state.                       
34.   What is the maximum amount that can be be covered under PSC  options 50cr,100cr,200cr                       
35.   PSC under agro food and processing unit.                       
36.   Meaning of S in IFSC                       
37.   Rate of MSF                       
38.   Size of house under PMAY for EWS                       
39.   Maximum locker rent realised from the customers.                       
40.   Maximum loan can give any bank from share of others bank.                       
41.   Against share of others bank
42.   LIME APP DEVELOPED BY WHICH BANK                       
43.   I mobile app develop by which bank.                        
44.   Ezzay pay app develop by which bank
45.   Numerical was from provising but not direct
47.   Maximum no of coins u can take aborad options 5,10,20,50
48.   DE is 2:1, current ratio 1.5 equity 100,long term debt 50 what is current liability

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